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Dental Consultations

Before any dental procedures can be carried out at our practice, whether cosmetic or structural, a consultation will be needed. It is at this point that the most appropriate procedure for your own case will be decided and discussed with you.


This consultation initially consists of an examination of the teeth and surrounding tissues. It will also include an oral cancer screening as we, as dentists, are in an excellent position to spot early possible signs of cancer. Any possible symptoms that are found, will not be treated by the dentist. However, it will be recommended that you seek further advice from your doctor. Please bear in mind that any recommendation to see your doctor does not mean that you necessarily have cancer but is simply a recommendation to be on the safe side.



X-Rays and Photographs

In some cases, dental problems may be easy to detect with the human eye. In other cases however, a dentist may suspect a problem, but to be sure, a radiograph or x-ray is then advised for confirmation of a treatment plan. At Tooting Bec Dental, we have a state of the Art Digital photography and x-ray system that offers you the opportunity to clearly understand the treatment plan suggested by your dentist. It also helps us maintain a clear record of all events and discussions for future reference, with the use and incorporation of digital photography.



Gum Disease Screening

Gum disease which is commonly know as Gingivitis, or if it is progressively worse to involve the bone and loose teeth, then it is called Periodontitis. Our assessment at your examination visit allows us to detect risk factors and prescribe treatment early rather than when it is too late. Your dentist will carry out extensive screening to ensure that we always keep you fully informed of your clinical health and all the options of ongoing treatment with the aim to obtain good oral health in the long term.




At your examination visit, your dentist will record specific concerns regarding excessive tooth "wear and tear." We always consider the age of the patient, the diet, any habits (such as Finger nail biting, Stress habits, clenching, sports and activities, etc.) and most importantly whether you may be grinding your teeth together in your sleep. Your dentist will observe these changes over your future visits as well, and always keep you informed of any concerns. A mouthguard is generally advised to be worn to reduce the excessive wear on teeth.



Orthodontic Assessment

An Orthodontist is a specialist who straightens your teeth. Your dentist will firstly ensure all your teeth and gums are healthy. Radiographic (x-rays) confirmation of this will most likely be required to be done before referring you to an Orthodontist. Your dentist will discuss several options like Braces, "Invisible braces/appliances" or "Hidden" Braces to straighten your teeth. your dentist generally provides Invisalign treatment at the practice as in in-house treatment. Alternately, if your case is very extensive, you will be referred to the Orthodontist for further consultation and treatment.



Gap Closures

If there are gaps in the teeth, a gap closure discussion will be held with the patient and options of suitable procedures to correct this will also be discussed.


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